Monday, March 21, 2011

significance no. 001

... the first of many.
for a very long time, i have been obsessively collecting masses of intricate, ancient and charming antique skeleton keys. the time has come to set them free, one at a time... as numbered significances.

here is the first:



it exists here:
Significance No. 001
(until it is snatched up by a deserving new owner!)

the captain

o captain... my captain
the captain

the most vicious scourge of the seven seas
(ink and watercolor pencils)

in honor of the sea... here's a lovely tune by The Tiger Lilies with a decidedly aquatic themed video:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

coming to fruition

the first gem tintype necklaces are finished, photographed and listed on etsy. and i have to say... i am quite pleased with the results :)




i simply cannot stress how enthrallingly TINY these tintypes are... what perfectly delicate metal photos... perfect, especially for wearing! these are just the first, of course... more are already in the works! :)

on a side note, lykke li's "wounded rhymes" arrived in my mailbox yesterday and it is now playing on permanent rotation and will be for the next few weeks. here is a taste...