Saturday, June 6, 2009

mucous and the many exotic flavors of "ick"

all work and no play makes jess a dull girl.

too much sick and no well doesn't do much for me either. i am just now shaking the last clinging globs of mucous from my innards, following my first visit to the doc since early 2007, apparently. lol. ahhhh... antibiotics - good for battles against infection... BAD for healthy digestion and bowel movements. more than ye wanted to hear? yeah... sorry.

in the meantime, my recent attachment to the couch/period of immobility left me restless and i have been a busy little bee drawing and doodling and such.

the following is a product of said immobility:

...and the funny thing is, about the same time i was sketching this lady out, my mom was procuring a wonderful beetle-in-repose (a.k.a. DEAD) in a lovely little petri dish for yours truly! and it is the EXACT same species as the one i randomly chose from my insect field guide! how surprised i was to suddenly find myself in the possession of a lovely little guy who was the spitting image of my doodle-bug-lady!!! o, my heart did swell with joy :)

and it feels GOOD to be well again and back to join the crowds of you "living" folks :D

p.s. i love my mom so much. and not just cause she brings me pretty dead things... ^_^

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