Monday, December 17, 2012

it's funny, according to my analytics, most of the people who view my page are in russia. hello, russia ;)

tonight, musing on the knowing that sometimes the best of intentions can create the worst of results. one can most definitely be TOO generous. or TOO kind. or TOO considerate. and if these intentions are not capable of being returned, this will destruct something relatively good and turn it sour.

anyways, here are some sad songs...

M83 - Wait

How To Destroy Angels - Ice Age
(Trent Reznor is still a god of musical arrangements and melodies, despite whomever may be fronting the tune)

in the meantime, i'm successfully catching Eevee's in Castelia Park.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


a conversation i had earlier today made me remember this silliness... had completely forgotten that i even had a blog to begin with. i started to think about whether or not i should just delete it, seeing as how it has served so long with minimal purpose. but i think i may as well put it to some sort of use... this can become my own personal video "dump"... music/music videos/notable shorts that i encounter (and don't want to forget) that tickle my innards with their loveliness. i know that probably no one reads this, and i have never even told my friends about it (except for patty, of course...and i think i may have listed it under my etsy bio) or announced when i have posted something new. a part of me likes to imagine some listless internet dweller, searching without knowing what they're looking for, and stumbling maybe across a piece of music here, or an inspiring image. maybe a small piece of something that can entertain, even for a few moments, and can be a tiny little experience they can take with them as they move along their way...
so without further ado, here are this nights' spoils: (dear reader, i apologize that not all of these are fresh... it had been a while since i had re-delved into my music loves, some i just had to share because they are worth acknowledging)

The most fantastically absurd two-parter i've ever witnessed:

a bit of an "american psycho, circa 2012", complete with hipster-murdering rampage (nsfw):

lovely and vicious:

and another strange gem... lovely song, refreshingly ODD video (prolly nsfw, too):