Tuesday, September 25, 2012


a conversation i had earlier today made me remember this silliness... had completely forgotten that i even had a blog to begin with. i started to think about whether or not i should just delete it, seeing as how it has served so long with minimal purpose. but i think i may as well put it to some sort of use... this can become my own personal video "dump"... music/music videos/notable shorts that i encounter (and don't want to forget) that tickle my innards with their loveliness. i know that probably no one reads this, and i have never even told my friends about it (except for patty, of course...and i think i may have listed it under my etsy bio) or announced when i have posted something new. a part of me likes to imagine some listless internet dweller, searching without knowing what they're looking for, and stumbling maybe across a piece of music here, or an inspiring image. maybe a small piece of something that can entertain, even for a few moments, and can be a tiny little experience they can take with them as they move along their way...
so without further ado, here are this nights' spoils: (dear reader, i apologize that not all of these are fresh... it had been a while since i had re-delved into my music loves, some i just had to share because they are worth acknowledging)

The most fantastically absurd two-parter i've ever witnessed:

a bit of an "american psycho, circa 2012", complete with hipster-murdering rampage (nsfw):

lovely and vicious:

and another strange gem... lovely song, refreshingly ODD video (prolly nsfw, too):

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