Tuesday, April 28, 2009


...so i am attempting to move forward with the blog-ness of this blog. yesterday, my friend patrick and i had a lovely day-off adventure that i was documenting all-the-while with pictures. it was recommended to me to use flickr to host said pictures so that i may be able to post them onto my blog. i made my flickr account, uploaded all the pics i wanted, went to the first one and clicked "blog this" and my progress comes to a screetching halt b/c when i try to allow access between gmail/blogger/flickr i receive a lovely pale yellow ERROR icon with and exclamation point in it, informing me that "The Blogger account you chose does not have any weblogs associated with it".
i have no idea what this means. because when i go to my gmail settings, i see that i have successfully "allowed" blogger access. but for whatever reason, flickr is not recognizing this? ack! and poo-doo! i'm really quite frustrated now, because this has taken up nearly my entire morning and i have jack-squat to show for it.
fuuuuuck. i'm-a go take a shower now and get ready for work...

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