Thursday, April 30, 2009

motion will never stop turning the night into the day the name of this:
motion will never stop turning the night into the day SM

i started this one at least a year and 1/2 ago... as always, pencil first, followed by fine-tip pens and finally a bit o marker and some watercolor pencils (which are wonderful for how portable they are... i've successfully finished stuff w/ watercolor pencils + wine/spit/beer/juice before, lol). i have a bad habit of starting an idea, putting it down on paper, abandoning it for a year or more, then re-discovering it and finally bringing it to a finish. i dunno why. probably cause i over-analyze it to death right after i sketch it and then it takes that long for me to forget how much i initially criticized it, thus allowing me to see it with new eyes and to at long last bring it to an end. meh. but i'm happy that it's finished now :)

on a (not-so-little) side note... yesterday i received a text msg from someone (i don't even know who - the # wasn't saved in my phone) informing me that i had ranked as runner up to the knoxville metro pulse's annual "best local artist" category. when i read that... i PHYSICALLY GAVE BIRTH to kittens. this makes me so happy!!!!!!! but how did it even happen?! i don't feel like i self-promote/show my art/toot-my-horn AT ALL. the only all-me show i ever had was thanks to a friend of mine (craig) who was living in and running a gallery-type space at the time. he literally sat down on top of me (which scared the poo out of me cause i wasn't paying attention to anything around me!) while i was sitting on a bench in market square, doodling in mah sketchbook... and DEMANDED to know when i would show @ host, LOL. i agreed to a date that would give me a couple of months to prepare. and in the end, it turned out so much better than i ever could've anticipated! i helped craig re-paint the entire interior of the gallery, even going so far as to paint a mural across the ENTIRE floor (a couple of creatures we dubbed the "froodles", a male/female imaginary sea-creature duo). craig managed to enlist the help of so many amazing people to aid the transformation, even bringing in our own infamous k-town tagger, MESKO (whose true identity i will never divulge) to lay down my whole design across the floor, to later be tweaked/polished by me, craig, and my mom :)

here's the floor:

the show started @ 7pm on a friday, had free (mediterranean- but worth what it cost) refreshments and three musical acts throughout the evening. most of the time, it was so packed that no one even noticed the floor and you had to squeeze side-ways through the crowd, lol! it was wonderful. ^_^

so this show is the only thing i can think of that may have been worthy enough to stick in peoples' minds?? but it might be the show and the random pieces i show/sell here and there (that are few and far between)... or the things i do for free and for fun for people i know... or for the fact that my home away from home used to be a booth in the back of sidestreet tavern, resplendant with sketchbook, pens and a glass of red wine. i ended up doing a lot of random drawings for drunk people, because it was SO FUNNY :)
i dunno... these things probably have far less to do with it than the fact that i worked at SV for 3.5 years, and am now celebrating my 1 year anniversary with Natural Alternatives. at each job, i was in the midst of MANY MANY MANY co-workers, all of whom i try to get to know and work harmoniously with. and my art is very important to me and i end up talking about it a lot. sooo i guess there are a lot of people i am very friendly with who know my first and last my name? LOL! it's ok... i know that the metro pulse is a "popularity contest"... NOT a measure of true "greatness" or talent. but in the meantime, this has been a magnificent inspiration. or actually, it makes me worry about how much time i SHOULD be spending on my art. and it makes me over-analyze my stuff even more. but, ehhhhh... whoooo cares? i do it for me and that's all that matters. and i'm NOT gonna quit my day job. cause i'd probably go mad, LOL.

yeah. so i'm gonna quit thinking about all this crap and worrying about it (too much) and listen to a little music and goof off on the 'net before bed... good night :)

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