Saturday, April 25, 2009

sticking my toe in the water

hello and welcome to my first blog/brain drivel

i will be documenting an internal project that has been nagging at me for a while and has poked at me enough that i am now forced to take it on, mano a mano. more and more i have been feeling like my attempts in the artistic sense have been collectively disjointed and without any vision or cohesive intention. how do you establish an artistic style? is it usually something that occurs on its' own? or do i already have one and this is all maybe just in my head?

i won't try to be clever, i won't try to be cool... i'll just be honest and will regularly document my attempts at artistic consistency. maybe i'll throw in some miscellanea of the aural/visual/tactile type just to spice it up and keep this whole artistic self-discovery thing from getting boring.

cheers, and here's to hoping i keep up with this :)


Tinyghosts said...

i can see you right now.

dot the eye said...

yer right, that IS a creepy comment